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Mislav's Puppet experiments

I'm no sysadmin expert but I've set up a personal server—usually Debian-flavored—countless times manually. Time to automatize this. I would want to be able to provision a single box quickly for personal use, but I want to do it via recipes that I can reply against another box whenever I want.

I've brushed with Chef, but getting disillusioned with its steep learning curve, I've set out to try Puppet. Turns out, it's not any easier.

I have no idea what I'm doing

Both Chef and Puppet seem designed for uses much more sophisticated than provisioning a single machine for personal use. I'm not sure if they're the right tool for the job for this.

What services I need

  • git
  • rbenv
  • postgresql, redis, mongo
  • memcached
  • nginx vhosts + Passenger, running multiple Ruby apps
  • postfix + dovecot, for personal email

My target is CentOS 6.2 for now, but would like to support Ubuntu too so these recipes get some wider reusability.

How I'm using puppet

I have installed "puppet" gem on the remote server. I rsync the "manifests" and "modules" directories from my local machine up to the server and run "puppet apply" there (see apply.sh).

I'm using 2 puppet modules found on GitHub as git submodules: "rbenv" and "postfix".

I test these recipes locally using Vagrant.

The problems that I have

  1. Using rbenv module doesn't work:

    Could not autoload rbenvgem:
      no such file to load -- puppet/provider/rbenvgem
      at /root/puppet/modules/rbenv/manifests/gem.pp:22

    I've read Plugins in modules doc page, but it doesn't shed any light to this issue. The files in {modulepath}/{module}/lib/pupppet/provider/ should be autoloaded, IMO.

  2. Using postfix module doesn't work:

    notice: /Stage[main]/Postfix/Service[postfix]:
      Dependency Augeas[set postfix 'myorigin' to 'li503-173.members.linode.com']
      has failures: true

    It seems that it needs Augeas. This keeps getting mentioned in Puppet world, but even after briefly reading about this I'm no smarter as to what it is.

The questions that I have

  • How should I organize my manifests into multiple files once my setup grows?
  • Is there a better way to run recipes on my remote box (currently rsync) without resorting to master-client model?
  • How can I automate provisioning a new box that can't run puppet yet (no Ruby, rubygems, puppet gem installed); using old school shell scripts that I run via ssh?