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Commits on Jul 30, 2015
  1. @DavidS

    Merge pull request #261 from raphink/dev/recursive_dependencies

    DavidS authored
    Improve dependency detection
  2. @raphink
  3. @raphink
  4. @raphink

    Find recursive dependencies

    raphink authored
    Follow dependencies to find indirect relationships.
  5. @raphink

    Test dependencies on all levels

    raphink authored
    Circles through resource parents to find
    dependencies that are contained.
Commits on Jul 15, 2015
  1. @DavidS

    Merge pull request #313 from DavidS/type_support

    DavidS authored
    Type testing support
  2. @DavidS
  3. @bodepd @DavidS

    Add testing support for Puppet Types

    bodepd authored DavidS committed
    This commit adds support for testing the following
    common features of types:
    * parameters available
    * properties available
    * features
    * default provider
    * that param value(s) are valid
    There are still a few things that need to be implemented:
    * default parameter values
    * autorequires
    * munging
    * .to_s methods (I am not sure how to test this :) )
  4. @DavidS

    Invert the logic of the setup_puppet tests

    DavidS authored
    This test pollutes the environment for other tests relying on
    RSpec.configuration.module_path. Reading it, instead of setting
    it to a specific value avoids this.
Commits on Jun 30, 2015
  1. @DavidS

    Merge pull request #309 from Zetten/FixCoverage

    DavidS authored
    Fix non-class resource coverage in Puppet > 4.0
  2. Fix non-class resource coverage in Puppet > 4.0

    Peter van Zetten authored
    Use the correct test_module manifests path to ensure that directly-
    declared resources are correctly marked as requiring coverage.
Commits on Jun 23, 2015
  1. @DavidS

    Merge pull request #306 from DavidS/issue-preps

    DavidS authored
    Various small fixes for some of the issues I closed yesterday
  2. @DavidS

    Add coveralls badge

    DavidS authored
Commits on Jun 22, 2015
  1. @DavidS

    Add note on ruby compatability

    DavidS authored
  2. @DavidS
  3. @DavidS

    Document compile matcher

    DavidS authored
  4. @DavidS
  5. @DavidS

    Promote a few related projects

    DavidS authored
  6. @DavidS
  7. @DavidS

    Merge pull request #305 from DavidS/integration-2015-06-19

    DavidS authored
    Integration 2015 06 19
  8. @DavidS
Commits on Jun 19, 2015
  1. @DavidS


    DavidS authored
  2. @DavidS

    Enable integration

    DavidS authored
    This also rearranges matrix entries so that the coveralls job is started
    first to reduce overall latency.
  3. @DavidS

    Add spec to test and demo hiera integration

    DavidS authored
    This spec configures hiera for a test run and shows how this works with
    and without a set hiera_config file.
  4. @voidus @DavidS

    Revert "Clean up include_class deprecation notice"

    voidus authored DavidS committed
    This reverts commit 8d951da.
    The RSpec-core commit c07c4cf9b47b9f58b222b77ca13daea11b3d7585
    (included in 2.99.0) has changed the deprecation api:
        - def deprecate(deprecated, replacement_or_hash={}, ignore_version=nil)
        - data = Hash === replacement_or_hash
                            ? replacement_or_hash
                            : { :replacement => replacement_or_hash }
        + def deprecate(deprecated, data = {})
    The commit that has been reverted changed the second parameter from
        replacement: foo
    which is incompatible with the new form, so it has to be reverted.
    Now it works with 2.X again.
            context conflict
    The tests have also been adjusted accordingly
  5. @tcolgate @DavidS

    Fix import_str for multiple module paths

    tcolgate authored DavidS committed
  6. @javiplx @DavidS

    Reduce output when comparing file contents

    javiplx authored DavidS committed
    Since file contents are diffable, the primary message line does not need
    to output all the contents. In the case of short files, this is useless
    duplication, in the case of longer files, it is outright harmful.
    This commit fixes the message so that it doesn't output the contents of
    files anymore.
  7. @DavidS

    run_spec: fix depreciation warnings

    DavidS authored
    When checking for matches, the method should only return `true` or `false.
    Fixing the tests uncovered a few situations where this was not the case.
  8. @DavidS

    Document scope property

    DavidS authored DavidS committed
  9. @DavidS

    Break out spec_helper and rake_task

    DavidS authored
    This way the default templates become soothingly stupid and updates to
    the files will reach consumers of this code. Special requirements can
    still be accommodated by not including these files.
    This deliberately leaves the puppet-lint rake task in the template as
    that's something people will definitely want to adjust based upon their
    local requirements.
Commits on Jun 16, 2015
  1. @DavidS

    Merge pull request #277 from jmoldow/compile_and_raise_error

    DavidS authored
    Don't match compile.and_raise_error on success
Commits on Jun 1, 2015
  1. @DavidS

    Merge pull request #291 from telstra-digital/Issue_290

    DavidS authored
    Add missing README mixup
Commits on May 31, 2015
  1. @alexharv074

    Add FIXME

    alexharv074 authored
Commits on May 28, 2015
  1. @jeffmccune

    Update version to 2.3.0

    jeffmccune authored
  2. @jeffmccune

    Merge branch 'integration'

    jeffmccune authored
    * integration:
      travis: enable caching of bundler install area
      travis: enable testing against new puppet releases
      Update gemspec for release
      Updated changelog
      Fix config specs to work with puppet 2, 3 and 4
      Allow tests to have strict variables
      Add support for puppet3.6 config options trusted_node_data, ordering, stringify_facts
      Verify that the function loader interacts well with old and new locations
      Expose the scope in function example groups
      Let run matcher always report on the actual behaviour of the subject
      Run matcher: refactor matching? to use explicit state around expected errors
      Improve description of Run matcher when no return value is expected
      Several bug fixes and specs for Run matcher
      Use the correct lexer for Puppet 4 in setup.rb
      Fix for issue 185.  This will recompile the catalog when a different :hiera_config value is detected (much the same as is done when different facter facts are used).  When this condition is detected, Puppet's internally cached instande of Hiera is also cleared so that the catalog can be recompiled agsint the differently configured Hiera.
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