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Terraform Puppet Provisioner Example


  • Terraform >= 0.12.2
  • Bolt

Once Bolt is installed, a couple of additional Bolt modules are required. Add the following lines to your Bolt Puppetfile (typically at ~/.puppetlabs/bolt/Puppetfile).

mod 'danieldreier-autosign'
mod 'puppetlabs-puppet_agent'

Then run bolt puppetfile install.

Create a terraform.tfvars file containing the following (substituting your AWS credentials, region, etc).

access_key = "<AWS access key ID>"
secret_key = "<AWS secret access key>"
region = "us-east-1"
aws_key_pair = "<AWS key pair name>"
aws_ami_id = "<AWS ubuntu 16.04 x86_64 AMI in your region>"

Spinning up a test Puppet master

terraform apply -target=aws_instance.puppetmaster will create a basic Puppet master instance for the purposes of this test. This will take a while to run and may show errors during the provisioning process (depending on the specs of the instance, the Puppet master process can take a while to start accepting connections), but the Puppet runs will retry automatically on failure.

Spinning up test instances provisioned with Puppet agent

There are 4 preconfigured aws_instance resources that use the puppet provisioner in that you can try out with terraform apply -target=<resource>.

  • aws_instance.agent - Ubuntu instance provisioned with a Puppet Enterprise agent.
  • aws_instance.os_agent - Ubuntu instance provisioned with an open source Puppet agent.
  • aws_instance.win_agent - Windows 2012 instance provisioned with a Puppet Enterprise agent.
  • aws_instance.os_win_agent - Windows 2012 instance provisioned with an open source Puppet agent.
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