Desktop Independent UNIX File Manager
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GitHub release Github commits (since latest release) Build Status


Lightweight file manager using Qt.

  • Desktop (theme/applications/mime) integration
  • Customizable interface
  • Powerful custom command system
  • Customizable key bindings
  • Drag & drop functionality
  • Tabs
  • Udisks support
  • System tray daemon (qtfm-tray, see man for more info)
    • Show available storage/optical devices in system tray
    • Auto mount storage/optical devices when added (not default)
    • Auto play audio CD and video/audio DVD (not default)
  • Application launcher (qtfm-launcher) for Openbox and similar


Default shortcuts

Action Shortcut
New Window [ctrl+n]
Open Tab [ctrl+t]
Close Tab [ctrl+w]
Copy Action [ctrl+c]
Paste Action [ctrl+v]
Up Action [alt+up]
Back Action [backspace]
Toggle Show Hidden Files [ctrl+h]
Move to Trash [del]
Delete [shift+del]
Open Terminal [F1]
Quit/Close [ctrl+q]
Rename Action [F2]
Zoom Out [ctrl+-]
Zoom In [ctrl++]
Focus Path [ctrl+l]
Toggle Icon View [F3]
Toggle Detail View [F4]
Refresh View [F5]
Drag and Drop Move Modifier [shift]
Drag and Drop Copy Modifier [ctrl]
Drag and Drop Ask Action [alt]

All shortcuts can be modified.


QtFM is available in several distributions:

Packaging status


Download the latest release, then make sure you have the required dependencies.

Download and extract:

tar xvf qtfm-6.x.x.tar.gz
cd qtfm-6.x.x

Or use git:

git clone
cd qtfm

Optional build options:

  • CONFIG+=with_magick : This will enable ImageMagick support
    • MAGICK_PC= : Custom Magick++ pkg-config .pc file
    • CONFIG+=magick7 : Use ImageMagick 7
  • CONFIG+=no_tray : This will disable qtfm-tray
  • CONFIG+=no_dbus : This will disable D-Bus session and udisks features in (lib)QtFM
  • CONFIG+=no_launcher : Disable qtfm-launcher (freedesktop application launcher)
  • CONFIG+=with_includes : Install library includes and pkg-config
  • PREFIX= : Install prefix, where things are installed when running make install
  • DOCDIR= : Location for documentation (default is PREFIX/share/doc)
  • MANDIR= : Location for man pages (default is PREFIX/share/man)
  • XDGDIR= : Location of XDG (default is /etc/xdg or PREFIX/etc/xdg)
  • LIBDIR= : Library location (default is $PREFIX/lib$LIBSUFFIX)

Doing a normal build:

mkdir build && cd build
qmake ..

You can run the binary bin/qtfm or install to /usr/local:

sudo make install


Same as above, but you should use PREFIX= and INSTALL_ROOT=.


mkdir build && cd build
qmake PREFIX=/usr LIBSUFFIX=64 CONFIG+=with_magick ..
make -jX
make INSTALL_ROOT=/package_temp_path install


QtFM is licensed under the GPL-2.0 License.


  • powerkit : Desktop Independent Power Manager.
  • Openbox : Openbox is a highly configurable, next generation window manager with extensive standards support.
  • tint2 : A lightweight panel/taskbar for Linux and BSD.
  • qterminal : A lightweight Qt-based terminal emulator.