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Continuously-integrated Open-source Reproducible TeX
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Continuously-integrated Open-source Reproducible TeX

Quick start

  1. Fork this repository and rename it to your desired project's name
  2. Create a Travis-CI account account and sync it to your GitHub if you don't have one already; it may take a few minutes for Travis-CI to discover your new repo
  3. Under the settings page for your repo (<user>/<repo>/settings), create two environment variables: GITHUB_USER and GITHUB_API_KEY. The former is just your GitHub username, while the latter is your secret GitHub API token. This allows Travis-CI to commit and push changes to your repository on your behalf. Treat this token as you would treat a password, and never store it anywhere on your repo! Make sure to disable Display value in build log so it doesn't get leaked to the world. Note that you only need to give Travis repo permissions
  4. Hack away! Read the brief paper explaining more details about how to use corTeX
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