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Personal Music Server
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Latest commit 7c5a884 Nathan Perrier Add description to ant targets so 'ant -projecthelp' option works pro…
…perly for usage
Failed to load latest commit information.
dist-files corrected library path to systray dll for windows
resources Add support to force rescan of tag info
scripts merged jplayer by brainslug-bln (fixes #27, fixes #61)
src/com/pugh/sockso Add a fun new library for dealing with common stuff
templates/com/pugh/sockso/templates Add 'date_added' to API endpoints
test Fix a few tests broken by previous commit
.gitignore added bin/ folder to gitignore.
LICENSE initial import
README initial import
TODO added API endpoint to show playlists for a specific user
build.xml made running mysql in tests opt-in


See the Sockso website for information about developing Sockso.

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