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1 - BUGS
* lame ignoring bitrate
* scrobble log - dates of songs played are wrong?
* safari gzip bug
* to specify ssl keystore password need to pass in via arg,
this can be stolen, chnage to read in from stdin
* ssl not working
* user comments
* browse A-Z by artist/album/genre/etc...
* windows installer
* cover manager
* UPNP server
* DAAP server
* provide album/artist information from wikipedia
* use other artist information as andreones suggestion
* provide different authentication methods?
* turn off tag browsing
* make playlists editable in web interface
* allow preserving of folder structure on disk when downloading
* indexing and streaming videos
* more advanced user controls (what they can access, etc...)
* better user profiles (like changing own password, stats, etc...)
* store genre info for tracks, then in user prefs allow selecting
genres to limit on when viewing music.
* postgres support
* editing playlist in flash players dynamically
* tag editing (maybe on scan alert when no tag?)
* bandwidth limiting for downloads
* support for AAC files
* remote administration, or admin when running as daemon
* rescan command line argument (prob mysql only...)
* allow uploading zip files with multiple tracks
- HTML5 player for iPad support
* improve "artwork" page