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Added JPlayer support to the web frontend #61

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JPlayer is a lighweight audio/video player for jquery with full html5 support. It's double licensed under the GPL/MIT license. If needed I can write tests for the javascript part.


Cool. I'm not familiar with JPlayer though, what benefits does it have over the current HTML5 player in Sockso (I didn't actually implement the HTML5 player in Sockso so am not very familiar with that either! heh)


Does it have keyboard shortcuts ? I love the HTML5 player shortcuts :)


I think there are a few advantages of JPlayer:

  • full support for iOS, Blackberry and Android >=2.3 devices (didn't check though)
  • all common browsers are supportd (ie >=6, ff, chrome, opera, safari)
  • there is a flash fallback for older browsers
  • it is under very active development
  • the api seems to be very consistible quite straight forward

A con is that there seems to be only one really active developer.

I also added support for keyboard shortcuts.

@rodnaph rodnaph closed this in 6c25bf0
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