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Thieriot is a simple tool for managing Jenkins builds for a project, right from the shell. It allows you to check which of your branches have Jenkins jobs set up, easily create any that are missing, kick off jobs, etc...


As you can see, each of your branches will be listed, along with...

  • a tick/cross indicating if it has a build on Jenkins
  • an ID you can refer to it as for commands
  • information about if it is currently building or not
  • if the branch has a build and it's failing the name will be red


Configuration is handled via a YAML file in your project root called .thieriot.yml. The only required parameter is the jenkins_url, if you don't specify the project name it will be guessed from the folder name of your project.

project_name: myproject

Thieriot assumes your jobs are named after your project, with a hyphen then the branch name. For example:



If your Jenkins instance requires authentication you can configure this using your Jenkins username and your API token. Just create the following environment variables (eg. in .bash_profile or .zshrc).

export THIERIOT_USER=myuser
export THIERIOT_TOKEN=jj324g23jh4gj32h4g3hj4g234j23

Creating a Jenkins job

The way Thieriot works is to use your master branch's job to create copies for your feature branches. This obviously means you need to create your master build yourself, but after that setting up jobs for your feature branches is easy.

$> trt create 2

This will try and create a job for the branch numbered 2.

Building and following jobs

Your jobs will probably build automatically on some commit hooks, but if they don't then you can kick them off from the shell.

$> trt follow 3

This will start a job if it's not already building, and then print the console output to the shell.

If you only want to build the job and not follow its output use build

$> trt build 3

Cancelling, viewing and deleting jobs

If you need to stop a running job that's easy with the cancel command...

$> trt cancel 3

If you want to quickly open your browser to the branch's jobs page on Jenkins, use the view command... NB: Only works on OSX at the moment.

$> trt view 2

And when you're done with feature branch jobs, it's easy to delete them right from the shell.

$> trt delete 2

Watch you don't delete master though! :O (don't worry Thieriot won't let you)

Arbitrary job names

All Thieriot's commands can take a number as the alias for the branch/job. But you can also use arbitrary names, that may match jobs that you don't have branches for. For instance if your project has a packaging job named myproject-pkg you could kick this off and follow its progress using...

$> trt follow pkg



You can install Thieriot straight through MacPorts.

$> port install thieriot

From Source

To install Thieriot from source just clone the repo, and put it in your PATH. You might also need some of the dependencies, listed below depending on your OS.

  • Perl
  • Perl JSON
  • Perl JAML

Perl modules available from CPAN if they're not packaged for your OS.

$> sudo cpan
install JSON
install YAML