Library to create an Excel file from Progress 4GL
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A simple library to create an well formatted Excel file using Progress 4GL.

How it works

In order to optimize the process creation of the excel file, first a CSV file is generated, and then imported on excel using "Import data from a text file". After the file has been imported, the file columns are adjusted to fit their width and the head line is formatted using bold text and then a filter is applied.

How to use

First, you have to define a temp-table that's going to be the data source for the file, the columns data-type and column-label are used to format the excel file. After that you must include the library 4gl-excel.i in your program, and then run the procedures (passing the correct arguments) to create the files, as described below:

  1. pi-cria-arquivo-csv
  2. pi-cria-arquivo-xls



def var c-csv-file as char no-undo.
def var c-xls-file as char no-undo. /* will contain the XLS file path created */

def temp-table tt-data /* Data-Source */
    field cust-name as char column-label "Name"
    field cust-age  as int  column-label "Age".

create tt-data.
assign tt-data.cust-name = "Customer Name 1"
       tt-data.cust-age  = 22.

create tt-data.
assign tt-data.cust-name = "Customer Name 2"
       tt-data.cust-age  = 19.

run pi-cria-arquivo-csv(input  buffer tt-data:handle,
                        input  session:temp-directory + "file",
                        output c-csv-file).

run pi-cria-arquivo-xls(input  buffer tt-data:handle,
                        input  c-csv-file,
                        output c-xls-file).