super simple Vagrant file providing a box with httperf
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For this experement you will need:

  • VirtualBox ~> 4.1. "If you have no choice but to use an earlier version of VirtualBox, you can use earlier versions of Vagrant which work with them. For VirtualBox 4.0, this is the 0.7.x line, and for VirtualBox 3.2.x, this is the 0.6.x line." - Do this at yr own risk.
  • One specialised, standardised, scientificised owl.
  • bundler


  • bundle install
  • vagrant up #=> this will download the box if you don't have it. The box is really big. Not Xcode big, but big.
  • vagrant ssh #=> ssh'd to a box with httperf already installed

To test your server, try something like:

httperf --timeout=5 --client=0/1 --server=<your-ip-here> --port=8040 --uri=/?value=benchmarks --rate=100 --send-buffer=4096 --recv-buffer=16384 --num-conns=50000 --num-calls=10

replacing <your-ip-here> with the local IP addy of your host machine. You can find that out by running ifconfig.


  • spin up your server on the host machine on port 8040
  • run ifconfig and make a note of your IP address (something like
  • in a new tab/split run vagrant ssh to access the vagrant box
  • run the command above, subbing the IP address as directed
  • when you're done, exit the VM and tear it down with vagrant destroy

Helpful Screencast

Is helpful.

Good Luck!