Makes Pow even easier. I mean really, really, ridiculously easy
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powder manages pow


gem install powder


Linking apps in Pow

powder will attempt to read .powder, which names a default symlink for the current project

$ powder [-h|help]
=> Display usage information
# Lists name and brief descriptions of the tasks available

$ powder link
=> Link the current dir to ~/.pow/<current_directory>

$ powder link [bacon]
=> Link the current dir to ~/.pow/bacon
=> Create .powder, contents bacon

$ powder link [bacon] --no-create
=> Link the current dir to ~/.pow/bacon

$ powder link [bacon] --force
=> Remove the current pow symlink, and .powder
=> Link the current dir to ~/.pow/bacon
=> Create .powder, contents bacon

# For both forms of link, if the current directory doesn't
# look like an app that can be powed it will offer to download
# a basic for Rails 2

$ powder default
=> Link the current dir to ~/.pow/default
# Serve this directory for all unhandled domains

$ powder unlink
=> Unlink current_dir or the symlink defined in .powder

$ powder unlink bacon
=> Unlink bacon

$ powder cleanup
=> remove all invalid symbolic links

Working with Pow

$ powder applog
=> tail the log of the current app

$ powder config
=> Get Pow's current configuration information

$ powder list
=> List all the current apps linked in ~/.pow
# aliased as powder -l

$ powder log
=> Tails the pow log.
# Not the application log, but the pow log, available at
# ~/Library/Logs/Pow/apps/#{app-directory}.log

$ powder debug
=> Opens a debug shell with your application environment

$ powder open
=> Opens the pow link in a browser
# aliased as powder -o

$ powder open --xip
=> Opens the link in a browser
# aliased as powder -o -x

$ powder open [bacon]
=> Opens in a browser
# if you have set up alternative top level domains in .powconfig,
# then the first listed domain will be opened.

$ powder open --browser Safari
=> Opens the pow link in a specific browser (in this case, Safari)
# Also aliased as -b

$ powder open -b 'Google Chrome'
=> Opens the pow link with browsers with more than one word

# Should also works with all the other 'open' options:
$ powder open bacon -b Safari
$ powder open --xip -b Firefox
$ powder -o -x -b 'Google Chrome'

$ powder restart
=> Restart the current app
# aliased as powder -r

$ powder always_restart
=> Always restart the current app
# aliased as powder -a

$ powder no_restarts
=>  don't do any automatic restarting of the current app

$ powder status
=> Get Pow's current status information

$ powder version
=> Returns the current powder version
# aliased as powder -v

$ powder env
=> Displays your current custom pow environment variables
# Pow reads environment varialbles from .powenv

$ powder env_reset
=> Deletes your .powenv, removing all custom environment variables.

$ powder env BACON chunky
=> Pass an arbitrary environment variable to pow, eg, ENV["BACON"] = "chunky"
# Remove an ENV by passing in no value, eg: powder env BACON
# If you already have a .gitignore, the newly created .powenv will also be ignored automatically.

$ powder [production|development|test]
=> Run your Rails app as Production
# aliased as powder [prod|dev]
# This is a wrapper for powder env RAILS_ENV ...

Install and uninstall Pow

$ powder install
=> Installs pow server
# (I know, "curl | sh" isn't hard, but this is _even_ easier)

$ powder uninstall
=> Uninstalls pow server

$ powder update
=> Updates pow server
# Really this is just an alias to powder install, but it feels more natural
# this way.

Enable and Disable Pow

$ powder up
=> Enable Pow
# aliased as powder start

$ powder down
=> Disable Pow
# aliased as powder stop


Built by rodreegez and philnash.

Massive thanks to all our great contributors

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Copyright (c) 2011 Adam Rogers and Phil Nash. See LICENSE for details.

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