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Makes Pow even easier. I mean really, really, ridiculously easy

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Powder manages Pow


gem install powder


$ pow
=> link the current dir_name to ~/.pow/dir_name
# if the dir_name has underscores in, powder changes them to hyphens

$ pow link bacon
=> link the current dir to ~/.pow/bacon
# If the current directory doesn't look like an app that can be powered
# by pow it will offer to download a basic for Rails 2

$ pow list
=> list all the current apps linked in ~/.pow
# aliased as pow -l

$ pow restart 
=> restart the current app
# aliased as pow -r

$ pow remove
=> unlink current_dir

$ pow remove bacon
=> unlink bacon

$ pow open
=> opens the pow link in a browser
# aliased as pow -o

$ pow open bacon
=> opens in a browser

$ pow install
=> installs pow server (I know, "curl | sh" isn't hard, but this is _even_ easier)

$ pow uninstall
=> uninstalls pow server


Copyright (c) 2011 Adam Rogers and Phil Nash. See LICENSE for details.

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