tea is a tasty beverage
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Latest commit 26d59f6 May 23, 2015 Ben Fix some edit-for-impute bugs
Some IDs weren't getting to the setit fn, and an uninitialized value the compiler didn't catch.


Tea is a tasty beverage for use while post-processing surveys, including editing bad data, imputing missing data, and disclosure avoidance.


Tea depends on Rapophenia, also hosted here on Github, which in turn depends on the Apophenia library of stats functions in plain C. R's package management system has no real mechanism for installing C libraries, so you have to install Apophenia yourself before installing this package. See Apophenia's setup page for details.

Once that is installed, we recommend installing from this repository via devtools:

install_github("b-k/Rapophenia", ref="pkg")
install_github("rodri363/tea", ref="pkg")