📊 Code City metaphor for visualizing Go source code in 3D
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Available here: https://go-city.github.io

GoCity is an implementation of the Code City metaphor for visualizing source code. GoCity represents a Go program as a city, as follows:

  • Folders are districts
  • Files are buildings
  • Structs are represented as buildings on the top of their files.

Structures Characteristics

  • The Number of Lines of Source Code (LOC) represents the build color (high values makes the building dark)
  • The Number of Variables (NOV) correlates to the building's base size.
  • The Number of methods (NOM) correlates to the building height.

UI / Front-end

The UI is built with React and uses babylon.js to plot 3D structures. The front-end source code is available in the front-end branch.

Related Works

This tool makes part of a scientific research developed at Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG)
Student: Rodrigo Brito
Advisor: Marco Tulio Valente