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Type Inference for Haskell with Multi-parameter type classes without extensions


Type Inference for Haskell with support to multiparameter type classes without functional dependencies or type families.

Code structure

- /src/BuiltIn : contains modules for built-in definitions of types and classes.
- /src/Iface: contains modules that does the building of a initial
type environment before the type checking / inference of a given module.
- /src/Libs: This folder contains several Haskell libraries that have been checked with thisfront-end.        
- /src/Tc: contains the type inference algorithm
- /src/Tc/Kc: contains the kind inference algorithm
- /src/Tests: Unit tests for the implementation. To run all tests,
just execute the main function in module RunAllTests
- /src/Utils: Some utilities.

Building the code

First, you will need Haskell stack tool, which can be downloaded here. Next, run

 stack setup

to install the correct GHC version. Now, run

 stack build

to install all Haskell libraries dependencies and compiling the whole project.

Executing the code

The best way is to use stack itself to run the code. To run the code do:

stack exec -- mptc-exe [OPTIONS] FILE_NAME

where avaliable OPTIONS are:

--k: Show infered kinds
--c: Show infered class constraints
--i: Show infered instance constraints
--a: Show infered types (include data constructors)
--r: Turn off recompilation checker
--make : Enable multi-module processing
--h: Show this message