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OORuby - Easy and simple database-powered domain models with ActiveRecord

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A minimal "framework", on top of ActiveRecord, for running object models in Ruby.

OORB doesn't have any production pretensions. It was created only to be a tool for my OO classes.

How to install

Firstly, you must have Ruby installed (at this moment, 1.9.2, please!).

So you can run (as root, depending on your environment):

$ gem install bundler
$ bundle install

For running SQLite 3, you may have to install some system dependencies. Search engines are your friends.

RVM gemsets are strongly recommended.

How to create models

You can use migrations for creating your tables. See an example at db/migrate directory. In order to create your tables, just run:

$ rake migrate

The domain folder has an example of model class.

How to run specs/tests

The spec folder has an example of a RSpec specification. Your specs can be run in the same way regular RSpec tests are run:

$ rspec spec/your_spec.rb

I don't know ActiveRecord

Please read "Models" section at Rails docs.

I don't know Ruby

Go to Ruby documentation.

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