an Abstract Gamification Engine, implemented in JavaScript/CoffeeScript
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AGE implements an abstract gamification engine.

Clients must:

  1. define achievement rules which define conditions that players must meet in order to earn the corresponding achievement and,
  2. publish events that represent actions or events that add to a player's event history.

AGE is implemented in CoffeeScript but compiled to JavaScript prior to publishing. It should work in any Node.js environment.

(It may also work, or could be made to work, within a browser, but we haven't had the need for that nor the time to test it. If you are interested in this feature, please let us know.)


For a detailed example of how to use the AGE framework, visit docs/stack-exchange-example.litcoffee.


AGE is published as an npm module under the name age.

To install it you can run:

npm install -g age

(Omit the -g to install the package to the node_modules subdirectory of the current working directory rather than to the "global" npm package repository.)

Currently AGE has no external (runtime) dependencies.