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A Flutter Widget for Displaying Sheet Music.


General Features

  • adjustable note size
  • different time signatures
  • multiple notes and rests of different divisions (up to 32th)
    • including triplets
    • ability of splicing different notes
  • automatic recognition whether a bar is full or not
    • ability to add pick-up notes
  • speed / tempo indication in bpm
    • speed / tempo change within the score
  • musical details
    • dots
    • accentuation
    • staccato
    • ties (sustaining notes)
    • dynamics (volume indications)
    • crescendos
    • trills
  • multiple parts in one musical score
    • different sheet music modes in one musical score
  • insert comments within the score (for solo passages, other peculiarities)
  • sheet scrollable or with carriage returns

Classic Sheet Music Mode specific

  • notes with different pitches
    • insert sharps and flats
    • utilize 5-line-grid
  • treble clef and bass clef
  • scales / keys
  • chords (triads, four-note harmony etc.)

Percussion Sheet Music Mode specific

  • percussion clef
  • 1-line-grid (optional)
  • fivelets, septuplets, ninelets
  • flams
  • grace notes (double, triple)
  • double strokes
  • drum rolls
    • doubles (one cross line)
    • two cross lines
    • three cross lines
  • different head styles (cross, square, ...)
  • hand indication

Midi View (DAW-Mode) specific

  • show sheet in DAW style midi view
  • adjust tile size
  • adjust tile color
  • specify rows with different pitches )
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