@roelandjansen roelandjansen released this Sep 13, 2018

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Changes since release af95267:
5dcbf62: Remove extraneous call to usage() on spiflashwrite (travisgoodspeed#882)

dcf71e9: fix title entries for subsubmenu on md380org

399460e: updating the md380 website with some screenshots

ba81b20: db: cleanup

fd52bbc: db: switch to

996ca26: fix minor buffer overruns

38f6ef6: fix compiler warning in reboot_to_bootloader()

9d09699: fix compiler warning of implicit declaration


src/usb.c:330:8: error: implicit declaration of function 'reboot_into_bootloader' [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]

4e123d4: Adds an error message when curl is missing.

e1bce34: reboot_to_bootloader dfu command implemented, fixes travisgoodspeed#193

8d27af8: Update Ubuntu 18.04 LTS support #2

1b4fb97: Update for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS support

cf8b52f: adding TS to RX display and lastheard

716da33: adding TS to RX display and lastheard

9dc6c44: db/fixed.csv: clarify Echo sources
db7d3aa: Print usage in md380-tool if parameters used wrong

md380-tool succeeds silently if called with an invalid command (eg. md380-tool flaashdump foo.bin) or a valid command missing arguments (md380-tool flashdump). Print usage then to inform the user that nothing happened and they should call it properly.
be2c097: Makefile target to set the time.

e2f4e9e: Show the git version or the date when the FW version menu is opened
Every time the menu is opened, it toggles between showing the date
when the firmware was built and its git revision
205ac18: dmr-marc ->

The dmr-marc databases are no longer available on and points to as
the new home. Also added in some logging to
It looks like there are bigger issues with the script, but they
are no longer being masked with a catch-all except/pass.

Jun 20, 2018
Merge remote-tracking branch 'travis/master'

@roelandjansen roelandjansen released this Apr 30, 2018 · 25 commits to master since this release

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Changes since release 9c2e124:
7e4ad60: switch db/Makefile to wget --timeout instead of relying on timeout command - fixes travisgoodspeed#866 (travisgoodspeed#867)

ec7550d: Pull user data from dmr-marc static url (travisgoodspeed#865)

  • Change dmr-marc downloader to a static url and back to CSV

Real time datadump no longer available do to server load
Using wget to allow ignoring the current condition that
does not have a valid ssl certificate. JSON is out, long live CSV!

24b2a25: clarify python-requests requirment

27315d7: Redirect stderr to file for

c7fc202: Change to dmr-marc json format. fixes travisgoodspeed#857

Python routine to emulate same format output for dmrmarc.tmp using json
option instead of csv

0556068: Fix: Mode Display Wide/Narrow doesn't work correctly travisgoodspeed#854

I already fixed this on Feb 4th, so pushing upstream. Merged from KD4Z

3ed0a60: Mode display shows weird tone on channels with no tone defined travisgoodspeed#852

I fixed this weeks ago in the KD4Z VM, so porting upstream.

00238a1: Cut GPL references for the scripts forked from Ubertooth.
(I purchased the copyright from Great Scott Gadgets last month to unify the project under the beerware license.)

1cbfdde: Fixed the locales Makefile, which was broken by a bad pull request for French language support. Close travisgoodspeed#850.

77865a0: Unifies the licensing under the beerware license. travisgoodspeed#837

4009317: Destination callsign added to statusline

215f713: Adds a screenshot command to md380-tool. Close travisgoodspeed#754.

f7549c1: Update of german README due to many changes

8da2fbd: Fix compiler warnings/latest functions

951901e: Remove duplication from Debian prerequisites.

6f40559: Fix PyUSB URI (moved from sourceforge to github).

7dbeb23: kill unprogrammed channel boooo tone

e0bd758: backlight timer: set default menu opt to always on

c443f38: backlight timer: add 10/15 sec timeout

7ddd7f4: To avoid "ID unknown" message when userdb is over 7 Meg.

With the dmr-marc data growing to 75872 today, the contact data user.bin
file with extended data, now approaching 4.8 Megs. Pushing the sanity
check out from 5 Megs to 7 Megs to avoid triggering insanity.

665ae2e: several menu state fixes

6d62beb: Making build compatible to D02 fw

021ff12: Advanced statusline, Sidebutton extension, display features

3ae39fa: Revert "shasum not present in Fedora 26 distro, make fails."

This reverts commit d78851b.

d78851b: shasum not present in Fedora 26 distro, make fails.

shasum replaced in Fedora by separate binaries. sha256sum in particular
is needed. Modified OR clause for hash on OEM firmware download to try
both as the command parameters are different.