@roelandjansen roelandjansen released this Nov 6, 2016 · 208 commits to master since this release

DVDRA stable target.

You probably should NOT flash the user database.
For European users it might be illegal.

Main features:

o) Mike bargraph
o) users popup, showing name, city, couontry etc -- only when outside of EU.
o) lot of bugs fixed
o) added documentation for other platforms (fedora, suse)
o) ability to load older, default firmware
o) DMR ID Override so that you don't need to edit a config file (incorrectly named "codeplug")
o) added more background light timeouts
o) better readable fonts

For engineering/testing and the like (no support!)

o) ability to see debug messages over USB
o) netmon1/2/3; hot keys to swich on/off. Engineering option. Drains battery fast.
If you don't need it, switch it off.
generally we don't take bugs for it.