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AutoTest.NET is based off of autotest which is a popular Ruby tool for running your unit tests as soon as your save your files. This practice gives you immediate feedback and helps facilitate real test driven development. This project was originally started by James Avery at
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This product provides continuous testing for the .Net platform.It contains a 
winforms app and a console app.

	* File tracking: Automatic builds and testruns
	* Assembly tracking: Automatic test runs for built assemblies (if 
	  BuildExecutable is removed from config)
		* You can then build through Visual Studio or something similar
	* Cross platform support through Mono
	* Supports C# and Visual Basic projects
	* Supported build tools
		* MSBuild.exe
		* Mono's xbuild
	* Supported test runners
		* MSTest
		* NUnit
		* XUnit
	* Supports notifications through
		* notify-send (Linux)
		* Growl (Mac, Windows)
	* Supports configurable ignore files using the .gitignore format
	* Local config files extending the main config
		* The attribute override="merge" will merge with original
		* The attribute override="exclude" will remove it all together

Geting started
To get started using this application edit AutoTest.config to suite your system.
When done start either the winforms app or the console app. In the winforms 
application the little button in the top rightcorner will display some nice to 
know messages now and then. When set up just edita file within the watched folder 
and save it. AutoTest.Net will detect any changes and start builds and run tests.
If you end up in a scenario where it goes in to an endless loop it's probably
detecting changes in a file generated either by build or testrun. If so use the
ignore posibility in the configuration file. To figure out what files are being
generated turn on logging and check the debug.log file.

Build from source
To build the whole thing from source just clone or fork the repository. When done
go in and run build and deploy scripts ( and
depending on whether you are on Windows(bat) or something else(sh)). After running
build and deploy scripts you will find the built binaries under the ReleaseBinaries
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