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Work Bench Network Services

This Repository is primarily meant as a testdrive for Ansible together with a couple of virtual Juniper machines

Getting Started

These instructions will prepare the basic setup with an example lab for a small Junos network staged with a Ubuntu server and some basic config by an Ansible host. Copy the project files form Git and make sure the host system meets the prerequisites.


vagrant plugin install vagrant-junos
vagrant plugin install vagrant-host-shell


A step by step series of examples that tell you how to get a development env running

Say what the step will be

git clone
cd ~working_dir~/ansible-junos-bootsrap/vagrant
vagrant up

System description


  • ansible - running Ansible etc.
  • vt-ubun - virtual test server to deploy networktools
  • spine01 - a Junos machine
  • spine02 - a Junos machine

The Ansible host has roughly the following installed:

  • A Python3 build with all essentials to run Ansible
  • Ansible - provisioning, configuration management tool
  • Napalm - Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer with Multivendor support

The Junos hosts used to test are : juniper/ffp-12.1X47-D15.4-packetmode (fetched automagicaly & prepared by Juniper)

Network design

 Workbench Topology
                          | spine01 |----+  
                          +---------+    |  
                            |e1 e2|      |   
                            |     |      |   
                            |     |      |   
                            |     |   +---------+
                            |     |   | ansible |
                            |     |   +---------+
                            |     |      |  | 
                            |     |      |  | 
                            |e1 e2|      |  |       
 +---------+              +---------+    |  |
 | vt-ubun |              | spine02 |----+  |
 +---------+              +---------+       |
      |                                     |

Running the playbooks

Start off course with the Prerequisites and Installation. Then test the setup by running a first playbook:


vagrant ssh ansible
sudo ansible-playbook provision/playbook_0.yml


No clue yet howto deploy this on a live system!

Built With


  • Roeland SIegers - Initial work
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