Python notebooks that demonstrate simple RNN models for NLP tasks using Keras
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This repository contains iPython notebooks that demonstrate how to use the Keras library to build Recurrent Neural Network models for natural language processing tasks. There are three tasks and accompanying datasets: sentiment (review rating) prediction, language modeling (applied to text generation), and part-of-speech tagging. Each notebook is intended to stand alone as a demonstration, but there is a lot of redundancy between them in the code and documentation. These notebooks are probably most useful to people who have some experience with machine learning but are less familiar with how to apply machine learning to language-related tasks.

You'll need IPython/Jupyter to run the notebooks, of course, or alternatively the regular Python files are provided. To run the code you'll need Keras, as well as either TensorFlow or Theano as the backend for Keras. You'll need the NLP library spaCy (after installing, make sure you run "python -m spacy download en" to get the spacy model for English language data). You'll also need the data analysis library pandas, Numpy, h5py (for saving models), and scikit-learn (for the evaluation metrics).

For each task, there is a dataset/ folder that contains example training and testing files for a larger dataset (to which the link is provided in the notebook). The notebooks load these example datasets and train example models, which are saved to the example_model/ folder. The corresponding pretrained_model/ folder contains models that have been previously trained on the full dataset, and the notebooks load these full models to demonstrate prediction and evaluation.

Feel free to provide feedback about any issues, or suggestions for what would be helpful: