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arnold cpc emulator
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Notes about the Linux port

News (19 September 2007)

Arnold now creates a config file in the user homedir. The file is called
.arnold. You can use expansion ROMs by declaring them in the config file as
And so on. Rom Numbers can go from 0 to 15.


To use this system you require:
- a fast system
- X-Windows display (16-bit depth, 24-bit or 32-bit)
- for SDL version you require libsdl installed.
  You can get it from
- for GTK+ version you require libgtk and libgdk installed.
  You can get it from

This version is more basic compared to the Windows version.
Some of the extra features in the Windows version have not yet been 
made available in the Unix version. Please be patient.

IMPORTANT: Though SDL and GTK+ are optional, you should really get both.
Before installing Arnold. The non-SDL version has various graphics
issues, no sound and is IMHO not very useful. To compile a version with
GTK+ and SDL you will need to have all GTK+ and SDL header files
installed in addition to the libraries. So if you use a RPM based
distribution, install gdk-devel, gtk+-devel and sdl-devel in addition to
the non-devel RPMs. You might also want to compile your own version of
SDL, because the RPM versions tend to be quite old. I am currently using
1.2.2, so I do not know how well older versions work. Don't be afraid of
compiling SDL. It is actually very easy.

Kevin Thacker has compiled and tested Arnold/Linux with Redhat Linux
v7.0 on a Pentium II system. I develop on a 1,2GHz Athlon with RedHat
v7.1. The SDL Sound output is very new and only tested on my system. I
use ALSA for sound output and also have installed the Low-Latency kernel
patches from Robert M. Love. Sound may very well break on other systems,
so please send me feedback. Even if it works. ;-)


cd arnold/src

Please check the output of configure before making arnold. If GTK+ and
SDL can not be found, you are probably missing the required devel RPMs
(or even the lib, especially in case of SDL). If you just want to see if
Arnold generally runs go ahead, but if you want all feature, please
install GTK+ and SDL with all header files and start again.


cd arnold

With the GTK/SDL version you will see a window where you can choose to open
a disc image (for drive A or B), reset the computer or Quit.

On the SDL version you can also choose a different rendering accuracy and full-screen mode.

F1 = reset
F2 = toggle between full-screen and windowed.

There are various command-line options available:

-drivea <filename>      = specify disk image to insert into drive A
-driveb <filename>      = specify disk image to insert into drive B
-cart <filename>        = specify CPC+ cartridge to insert
                          (will restart in CPC+ mode if not selected)
-frameskip <number>     = specify frame skip (0=none, 1=draw a frame,
                          miss a frame, draw a frame etc
-crtctype <number>      = specify crtc type to use in the emulation
                          (0=hd6845s/um6845, 1=um6845r, 2=mc6845, 3=CPC+ ASIC)
-tape <filename>        = specify .tzx/.cdt tape image to use
-cpctype <number>       = specify cpc type (0=cpc464, 1=cpc664, 2=cpc6128,
                          3=cpc464+,4=cpc6128+,5=kc compact)
-snapshot <filename>    = specify snapshot (.sna) file to auto-start

For this version to start the rom files must be in a sub-directory below
the directory that the executable is in:



Known bugs

The keyboard emulation is totally wrong on non-US (or UK?) keyboard
layouts. I use a german keymap myself, so I will fix this real soon now.
In the meantime play some nice old-skool CPC games or watch some demos.

Please keep in mind that this version is a work-in-progress. There are
certainly many other bugs. Feedback is always welcome however.

Last words

Thanks to Kevin Thacker for starting Arnold, doing the C version and the
Linux port and releasing everything under the GPL. Without an initial
Linux port I would never have started hacking this thing.

have fun,
Andreas Micklei <> <>

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