patch to get mayday tileset into your current Dwarf Fortress folder. works on linux and mac, and windows with cygwin. In theory, it should also work with future releases.
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Mayday Tileset for Dwarf Fortress >= 31.12

Mayday Tileset by May Green @
linux patcher by rofl0r

tested with 40.04, 40.05, 40.06, 40.07, 40.08, 40.09, 40.10, 40.13  - OK

the 40.x series brings some new stuff, needs incompatible change. 

checkout git commit 09ac847e1d93e2972ab17520e4256995541c5283 for 34.xx
checkout git commit be1a145e3458e106bb62835195858712030b3d37 for 31.xx

* get dwarf fortress linux from bay12 website
* extract it somewhere
* copy/extract everything here into your dwarf fortress folder
* run

after that you can port your worlds/saves/etc and have Fun.

how to port your savegame
* copy your data/save folder to your new DF directory.
* cd into it, delete region1/raw.
* copy raw from DF base folder into your region1 folder - done.

how to create a platform independent DFG package for redistribution
(without need to redistribute the DF binaries)
* after you have tested the patch on the newest DF and it applied successfully,
* unzip/tar the newest DF to some folder. it doesn't matter which platform's version it is.
* run utils/ on that folder ( utils/ /path/to/DF )
* copy everything from this repo into that folder
* run
* you can now compress that folder with the packer of your choice and redistribute it.
  the filesize should be around 700KB, since the game binaries are not inside.