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yet another dice bot for discord
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Yet another dice bot for Discord. I created this one simply because I wanted one that could work with the pecularities of a variety of different systems and be inutitive for my own purposes.

Trello Board for Dev tracking here:

=== Features

== Dice Rolling

Rolling is done through the /roll command. The basic format is /roll XdY common to dice notation, i.e. /roll 3d6 rolls three dice and adds the total together. There is no restriction on the kinds of dice rolled so you can roll non-traditional polyhedral shapes, i.e. /roll 7d11

You can also pass two other parameters to /roll commands - rrX and dpl.

rrX is for rerolling any number equal to or under the value given. For example, 3d6 rr1 will re-roll any ones while 3d6 rr2 will re-roll any 1s or 2s. In the list of resultant values the failed rolls will be displayed with a strikethrough.

dpl is a command to drop the lowest. The lowest value dropped is shown after the resultant list. So, /roll 3d6 dpl will roll three six sided dice and drop the lowest.

dph is a command to drop the highest.

Functionally 2d20 dpl in D&D 5E is rolling with advantage and 2d20 dph is with disadvantage.

You can combine these to do a roll such as /roll 4d6 rr1 dpl to reroll 1s and drop the lowest. Also, these do not requires a specific order so

/roll 5d6 rr1 dpl /roll dpl 5d6 rr1 /roll rr1 dpl 5d6

are all functionaly identical.

Basic rolls will also allow you to add and subtract from the total so a command like /roll 3d8+7 or /roll 3d8-2

are both valid.

The XdY parameter is optional, /roll by itself will roll 1d20. Combined with dpl or dph it will assume it will roll 2d20 so /roll dpl = D&D 5E's rolling with advantage /roll dph = rolling with disadvantage

== Split

/split will split D&D style money among party members.

typical usaage: /split 10pp 80gp 42sp 1cp 4ways ressult: Each party member gets 27 platinum, 1 gold, 1 silver, 5 copper. There is 1 coopper left over.

Currently it assumes the values are liquidated and does not use electrum, because ... I don't use electrum. You can put any number of arguments on the command line and repeat values so that you don't have to add it up yourself. For example, this is also valid:

/split 3ways 10gp 40sp 18sp 4cp 90cp 20pp

Parameters can be passed in any order.

== Insults

/insult foo will issue an insult from a stored list to a person. These are mostly modified from historical insults plus a few of my own creation. This feature has no real function but was included while playing with early bot communication features and I decided to leave it in.

== Trinkets

/trinket will generate a random trinket from a stored JSON file. I originally gathered the list some time ago from various sources including some of my own creation. I regret that I didn't keep better track though I suspect many were without creditable source and re-used from where I picked them up. Suffice it to say I am not responsible for many of the more interesting entries.

== Character Stat Creation

Right now D&D / Pathfinder stats style creation are supported via the /dndstats command. By default this will create six stats generated by 3d6 each. If the dpl parameter is added, e.g. /dndstats dpl, then it will roll 4d6 for each and drop the lowest. It also supports the rrX argument, so /dndstats dpl rr1 is a valid command.

== Comments

All of the functions support comments now. By using a pound sign # that message will be appended to the results returned by the bot. This will work on all messages unless explicitly stated otherwise.

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