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pixel language

this is the repository for pixel language.

i'm reimplementing the compiler from java to c++. if you want to get the last version of it (which is written in java) get it here.

remember that i'm rewriting the project to c++ based on the java implementation, so please, if you are going to contribute, base on the java code. as soon as the c++ version is stable, the java version will be deleted.

check the website.

pixel website


pixel language on google+

implementation requirements

the main requirement for pixel now is rewrite the entire compiler from java to c++. so if you want to contribute just clone this repository and base your implementation on the stable code written in java.

running the compiler

to run the compiler, download the source code and build the application by running the build.bat file or just run the command on your terminal in the root directory of pixel/.

g++ compiler/src/px/LabelGenerator.cpp compiler/src/px/Token.cpp compiler/src/px/Symbol.cpp compiler/src/px/SymbolsTable.cpp compiler/src/px/StaticTables.cpp compiler/src/px/Validators.cpp compiler/src/px/LexicalAnalyzer.cpp compiler/src/EntryPoint.cpp -o pixel -lboost_regex -std=c++0x