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Chat application by Roger Chapman

This small chat application, created using Node.js and Socket.IO; other dependencies include the express framework.

  • node v0.4.10
  • express v2.4.3
  • socket.io v0.7.8

All dependencies should be included in the node_modules folder, however if there are any issues with dependencies they can be installed by running:

$ npm install -d

To execute the server application:

$ node app.js <PORT>

If no <PORT> is specified a default port of 3000 is used.

The client can then be accessed at:


Core Features

Terminal style design

The design mimics the terminal style. The user is first asked for a username, and once entered (press ENTER) the user will join the chat room. Subsequent entries/messages will be posted to all online users.

The current user's username will always appear bold for easy recognition.

User assigned color

When a user joins NodeChat they are assigned a random color for the length of their session. This color is then used whenever there username is displayed. This is helpful to pick out an individual's message when there is a large amount of users online.

Private messages

As well as broadcasting a message to all online users, the user can also send a private message to any online user.

This is achieved by prefixing your message with @username. For example:

> @roger This message will only be recived by roger

Private messages will only send messages to online users. If a user is not online a error message is displayed.

Automatic reconnect

Should the server restart at anytime the client will automatically reconnect to the server (if possible). The user will re-join the chat with there current username, however they will be assigned a new color representation.