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package v8go
// #include <stdlib.h>
// #include "v8go.h"
import "C"
import (
// Context is a global root execution environment that allows separate,
// unrelated, JavaScript applications to run in a single instance of V8.
type Context struct {
iso *Isolate
ptr C.ContextPtr
// NewContext creates a new JavaScript context for a given isoltate;
// if isolate is `nil` than a new isolate will be created.
func NewContext(iso *Isolate) (*Context, error) {
if iso == nil {
var err error
iso, err = NewIsolate()
if err != nil {
return nil, fmt.Errorf("context: failed to create new Isolate: %v", err)
// TODO: [RC] does the isolate need to track all the contexts created?
// any script run against the context should make sure the VM has not been
// terninated
ctx := &Context{
iso: iso,
ptr: C.NewContext(iso.ptr),
runtime.SetFinalizer(ctx, (*Context).finalizer)
// TODO: [RC] catch any C++ exceptions and return as error
return ctx, nil
// Isolate gets the current context's parent isolate.An error is returned
// if the isolate has been terninated.
func (c *Context) Isolate() (*Isolate, error) {
// TODO: [RC] check to see if the isolate has not been terninated
return c.iso, nil
// RunScript executes the source JavaScript; origin or filename provides a
// reference for the script and used in the stack trace if there is an error.
// error will be of type `JSError` of not nil.
func (c *Context) RunScript(source string, origin string) (*Value, error) {
cSource := C.CString(source)
cOrigin := C.CString(origin)
rtn := C.RunScript(c.ptr, cSource, cOrigin)
return getValue(rtn), getError(rtn)
func (c *Context) finalizer() {
c.ptr = nil
runtime.SetFinalizer(c, nil)
func getValue(rtn C.RtnValue) *Value {
if rtn.value == nil {
return nil
v := &Value{rtn.value}
runtime.SetFinalizer(v, (*Value).finalizer)
return v
func getError(rtn C.RtnValue) error {
if rtn.error.msg == nil {
return nil
err := &JSError{
Message: C.GoString(rtn.error.msg),
Location: C.GoString(rtn.error.location),
StackTrace: C.GoString(rtn.error.stack),
return err
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