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package v8go
import (
// JSError is an error that is returned if there is are any
// JavaScript exceptions handled in the context. When used with the fmt
// verb `%+v`, will output the JavaScript stack trace, if available.
type JSError struct {
Message string
Location string
StackTrace string
func (e *JSError) Error() string {
return e.Message
// Format implements the fmt.Formatter interface to provide a custom formatter
// primarily to output the javascript stack trace with %+v
func (e *JSError) Format(s fmt.State, verb rune) {
switch verb {
case 'v':
if s.Flag('+') && e.StackTrace != "" {
io.WriteString(s, e.StackTrace)
case 's':
io.WriteString(s, e.Message)
case 'q':
fmt.Fprintf(s, "%q", e.Message)
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