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package v8go
// #include "v8go.h"
import "C"
import (
var v8once sync.Once
// Isolate is a JavaScript VM instance with its own heap and
// garbage collector. Most applications will create one isolate
// with many V8 contexts for execution.
type Isolate struct {
ptr C.IsolatePtr
// NewIsolate creates a new V8 isolate. Only one thread may access
// a given isolate at a time, but different threads may access
// different isolates simultaneously.
func NewIsolate() (*Isolate, error) {
v8once.Do(func() {
iso := &Isolate{C.NewIsolate()}
runtime.SetFinalizer(iso, (*Isolate).finalizer)
// TODO: [RC] catch any C++ exceptions and return as error
return iso, nil
// Forcefully terminate the current thread of JavaScript execution
// in the given isolate.
func (i *Isolate) TerminateExecution() {
func (i *Isolate) finalizer() {
i.ptr = nil
runtime.SetFinalizer(i, nil)
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