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Full changelog ⇒ v0.5.0


  • Support for the BigInt value to the big.Int Go type
  • Create Object Templates with primitive values, including other Object Templates
  • Configure Object Template as the global object of any new Context
  • Function Templates with callbacks to Go
  • Value to Object type, including Get/Set/Has/Delete methods
  • Get Global Object from the Context
  • Convert an Object Template to an instance of an Object


  • NewContext() API has been improved to handle optional global object, as well as optional Isolate
  • Package error messages are now prefixed with v8go rather than the struct name
  • Deprecated iso.Close() in favor of iso.Dispose() to keep consistancy with the C++ API
  • Upgraded V8 to
  • Licence BSD 3-Clause (same as V8 and Go)