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CoreML - Boston Pricer

This repository started as an "open notebook" of my experimentation and learning with Apple technology. It is basically a way to demonstrate the use of Core ML, a framework that makes running various machine learning and statistical models on macOS and iOS natively supported. The idea is that the framework helps data scientists and developers bridge the gap between them by integrating trained models into our apps.

The original code was showcased as a series of posts in my website here:

Swift and Xcode have since changed quite substantially and the current version of the app in this repo uses SwiftUI to build the app. The steps are covered in my new book "Advaced Data Science and Analytics with Python". The book is the companion to Data Science and Analytics with Python (1st Edition) published with Chapman & Hall/CRC. The new book is coming out in early 2020.

Sounds cool, don't you think? I would love to hear what you think.



CoreML model development based on the Boston Prices dataset



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