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An improved CSGO match system based on Warmod BFG.
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Warmod Plus

An improved CSGO match system based on Warmod by versatile_bfg.


  • Colored text.
  • RWS ranking system from splewis's Pug Setup.
  • PUG system from splewis's Pug Setup.
  • Map change delay for GOTV.
  • Make more phrases translatable.
  • New team system.(Team ranking, custom team logo...etc)
  • Rewrited stats system, added rankme style stats. Old stats are wrong and have some bugs.
  • Admin pause and admin unpause. (ONLY ADMIN CAN UNPAUSE ADMIN PAUSE.)
  • Discord announcement.(match start, match end, match cancel and call player)
  • Change game name on steam server browser.
  • Show match id in hostname.
  • Change defaut T team name and CT team name to "Team A" and "Team B". (I don't know why score messages keep showing blank team name so I make this change.)
  • Remove SQL in plugin, now we use web api to save stats and get data.
  • C4 countdown and messages. (e.g. "Player A was 0.1s away from defusing!")
  • Rewrited damage report, make it easier to configure. (You don't need to edit convars anymore, just simply edit it in phrases.txt)
  • Server must have token to use Warmod+ (I made this to prevent some ni**ers steal my work.)



For more informations please see Wiki


Official Discord Server

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