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0.9.1b / 2012-04-16

  • AxColor.toHex() is now a getter, available via AxColor.hex (and works correctly now)
  • You can now set a color by doing color.hex = 0xAARRGGBB rather than always constructing one via AxColor.fromHex
  • AxFonts loaded from fonts now correctly default to white and can be color shifted via .color and @[] tags
  • The main heartbeat function is now delayed for 1 second to help prevent crashes on OSX debugger player using air 3.2+
  • The debugger heartbeat function no longer changes text when not active
  • Opening the debugger now triggers its heartbeat immediately.
  • Clouds and groups can now disable counting their updates/draws towards the debugger count
  • The debugger no longer counts towards its own stats

0.9.1a / 2012-04-15

  • You can now overlap and collide against AxClouds
  • AxU now has a randf function to give a random floating point Number between its parameters
  • Fixed a bug where popping a state during execution of that state could result in a crash
  • Fixed a bug where AxSprites were only scaling in the y direction when in an AxGroup
  • Fixed a bug where AxSprites in an AxCloud were being offset by their pivot
  • AxSprites now use origin to determine the origin of scaling, rather than pivot, except when flipped (at which point it will use the center)

0.9.1 / 2012-04-14

  • AxCloud is a new class that acts like an AxGroup, but batches all sprites into a single draw call
  • The parameter ordering has changed for the main super() call, initial state now comes before width and height
  • You can now not pass width and height (or pass them as 0) in order to indicate the game size should be determined by the size of the stage
  • You should no longer instantiate your state when calling super in your main class, you should now pass the class instead
  • AxEntity.systemUpdate() has been removed and resides in AxEntity.update(), this means you now MUST call super.update() (reason: performance)
  • Tilemaps now use their x and y property to determine where to draw them and how to collide
  • Tilemaps now use the colorTransform vector, and respond to the color/alpha methods to change their color and alpha values
  • In AxTilemap, tile() has been renamed getTile() and tileset() has been renamed getTiles()
  • You can now call frame() on a particle effect to set it to use a random particle from a sprite sheet, rather than the full spritesheet
  • You can now set scroll.x and scroll.y on an AxParticleEffect
  • When a state is popped it is now disposed of automatically, and is no longer returned
  • Tilemaps widths are now based on the max number of tiles in any row, rather than the last row
  • Tile callbacks are now called when overlapping or colliding with tilemaps, regardless of the solidness of the tile
  • You no longer collide on the right with something you are standing next to when colliding against a tilemap
  • Sprites without animations being disposed will no longer crash the application
  • Colors now have a toHex() function to get their representation as a uint
  • AxColor.fromHex now only supports 0xAARRGGBB
  • You can now access the public color property of any model (sprite, tilemap, text, particle cloud)
  • The components of AxColor have been expanded to their full name (r -> red for example)
  • AxEntity.terminal is now AxEntity.maxVelocity
  • Fixed and added missing documentation

0.9.0 / 2012-03-31

  • Initial release
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