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add values to a hash with an arbitrary deep of keys
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LazyHash is a simple library to work with lazy hash's, giving you the ability to create key/value pairs with any deep programatically.

Let's give you some examples:

hash = LazyHash.build_hash
LazyHash.add(hash, "en.projects.title", "Main title")
LazyHash.add(hash, "en.ph1", "one paragraph")

hash #=> {"en" => { "projects" => { "title" => "Main title" }, "ph1" => "one paragraph" } }

Marshable hash

Since a lazy hash has a Proc constructor to dinamycaly create nested hash's, it's not marshable. You can use the following method to construct a new hash without a proc:

lazy_hash = LazyHash.build_hash
nolazy = LazyHash.no_lazy(lazy_hash)

Now 'nolazy' can be saved into database with marshal. The original hash remains the same. Also note that you won't be able to use LazyHash.add with this new hash 'nolazy'.

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