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Perl TDD Runner

This is a tool that runs your Perl tests continuouslly when files change, helping you to TDD. Differently from provewatch, the provetdd holds all loaded modules in memory, and only reload what it needed, making it exponentially faster to run when testing a huge Perl codebase.

How to use

Install it with cpan install Test::Tdd and then:

provetdd t/path/to/Test.t

You can specify paths to add to INC and specific paths to watch

provetdd -Ilib --watch lib/path,lib/path2 t/path/to/Test.t

You can all run all tests in a folder

provetdd t/

Generating Tests

If you have existing code where inputs are very hard to be recreated and you want to start doing tests for it, you can use this library to generate a new test by adding this two lines to your function:

  sub untested_subroutine {
      my ($self, $weird_params) = @_;

+     use Test::Tdd::Generator;
+     Test::Tdd::Generator::create_test('<test description>');


Now run your code as you would normally do to cause this function to be executed and watch the logs. This will save the inputs to a file and generate a test at the closest t/ folder, it will look like this:

it '<test description>' => sub {
    my $input = Test::Tdd::Generator::load_input(dirname(__FILE__) . "/input/MyModule_does_something.dump");

    my $result = MyModule::untested_subroutine(@{$input->{args}});

    is($result, "fixme");

How to install it from source

First install cpanm and Dist::Zilla

sudo cpan install App::cpanminus Dist::Zilla

If it fails you can force it

sudo cpan

> force install Dist::Zilla

Then install the dzil deps:

dzil authordeps --missing | sudo cpanm

Now you can install it locally

sudo dzil install

For development

After installing, you can run the examples with:

export PATH="$(pwd)/bin:$PATH"
export PERL5LIB="$PERL5LIB:$(pwd)/lib"

cd example
provetdd --watch lib t/Test.t

And test with:

provetdd --watch lib,t,example/lib t/Test/Tdd/Generator.t

To release a new version, follow this tutorial:


Run Perl tests continuously






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