Bash script that synchronizes retropie machines.
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Bash script that synchronizes retropie machines.

pie_sender will copy the roms, saves and statuses from local retropie to another target retropie.

Uses a SSH connection and rsync.

PieSender will synchronize:

  • Roms.
  • Bios.
  • Game files and savestates.
  • Gamelists, artwork covers and game info.

Note that:

  • Roms, saves, savestates, artworks, and gamelists was overwritten in target.
  • You must know the IP address of the target.
  • You must know the user:password of the target (default: pi:retropie).
  • In each synchronized directory the target password will be requested. You can avoid this, creating a key system for both retropie.
  • Remember to reboot the target when PieSender finishes.


  1. Copy the file to the retropie from where you want to send the entire content. Preferably in a folder, for example in /home/pi/scripts

  2. Gives write permissions to the file: "chmod +x".

  3. Run the script with: "./pie_sender".

  4. Follow the steps.

This script comes with no warranty. GNU GPL v3.0