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Run SonarQube Scanner with composer
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Run SonarQube Scanner with composer

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Run SonarQube Scanner with composer


Install the package as a dev requirement

composer require rogervila/php-sonarqube-scanner --dev

Run with composer



In some cases, if the package finds missing properties, it will provide them automatically.

Property Source Example
sonar.projectKey adapted composer.json name property -Dsonar.projectKey=rogervila_php-sonarqube-scanner
sonar.projectName adapted composer.json name property -Dsonar.projectName=php-sonarqube-scanner
sonar.sources Base project path -Dsonar.sources=<PROJECT PATH>
sonar.exclusions Opininated exclusions based on composer projects usage -Dsonar.exclusions="vendor/**, node_modules/**, .scannerwork/**"


This project is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

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