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This is a copy of the Skia source tree. In the original repository, the include
directories and the "corecg" directories are separated out. On top of
  libs/graphics -> skia
we have the following mappings from source repository to our tree:
  include/corecg -> skia/include/corecg
  include/graphics -> skia/include
  libs/corecg -> skia/corecg

platform/* are our own files that provide extra functionality we need our
Skia to implement.

DO NOT CHANGE THE SKIA FILES IN OUR TREE. These will be overwritten when we
sync to newer versions of Skia. The exception is platform/

THE EXCEPTION IS include/corecg/SkUserConfig.h which are the application's
definition of its options and environment. This file must be manually merged
with any changes in the Skia tree so that our options are preserved and we
also pick up any important changes they make.

 --, 28 December 2006

Patches we are tracking locally (until Skia is fixed upstream):
fix_for_1186198.diff -- eseidel, 6/4/08, BUG=1186198
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