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Ability to customize process.env.LOCALAPPDATA/process.env.APPDATA? #561

vaughnroyko opened this Issue March 21, 2013 · 2 comments

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Vaughn Royko Roger Wang Chaobin Zhang
Vaughn Royko

Setting the process.env.LOCALAPPDATA or process.env.APPDATA after run-time doesn't seem to effect where data is placed locally. Ideally, we should be able to edit this, for example,

process.env.LOCALAPPDATA = process.execPath + "\\Data";

Or perhaps even adding a custom attribute in package.json "data-path" - although, again, ideally we would be able to map relative to process.execPath.

Perhaps there is another way to do this already?

Chaobin Zhang

Hi @vaughnroyko , we have the ability to set the data-path in the package.json now. For your reference, you can find an example in our google group mail list: Link.

And also, here is the wiki link about data-path. So setting the command line switch via the chromium-args can help, about the chromium-args.

However, currently we didn't offer a api to change it when your app is running. Here is the issue to track this #471 .


Vaughn Royko

Awesome! Thanks for the information. Just for reference to others who may stumble, I have added the following to my package.json:

"chromium-args": "--data-path='./data-path/'"
Roger Wang rogerwang closed this May 07, 2013
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