A GAE/J project template for JSF based applications.
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A GAE/J project template for JSF based applications. I had created this template as a base for reproducing issues that I filed against JavaServerFaces. Since I found this quite useful, I though I should share it with the rest.

Key points about this bare bones starter template:

  • Configured with JSF 2.2 & JPA 2 & CDI & PrimeFaces.
  • Basic code for supporting serialization, session cleanup and stuff that I keep blogging about.
  • Uses Gradle as its build system (including downloading & running the GAE/J server itself).
  • Uses bootstrap for page templating.

Getting Started

1. Clone the repository locally

2. $> gradle run
      This will download & setup the AppEngine environment in your local machine
      Next, it will build and run the project. You can access the application @ http://localhost:8888/

3. Have a look at the build.gradle file. This contains all the key attributes of the project like
   the name and version details. It also contains details on what version of the AppEngine should
   be used, etc.

Here is an actual instance deployed on AppEngine.

The project uses the GAE Gradle Plugin for the various GAE operations.