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Summon is a MacOS status bar application that lets you configure custom hotkeys that bring applications to attention. The behaviour mimics navigating via ⌘tab, with the added benefit that Summon will launch the application if it's closed.


Checkout the latest release tab to download Summon.


Summon's preferences will open by default on launch. You can access them anytime through Summon's icon in the status bar.

To make a new binding, click on an application and enter a hotkey. You should enter the modifiers before you enter the key (see below).

What is a hotkey

A hotkey is a combination of one or more modifiers with a single key. A key is any key on the standard apple keyboard that isn't one of the modifiers.

Permitted modifiers:

  • command
  • shift
  • control
  • option

Example hotkeys:

  • command-J ⌘J
  • control-option-4 ⌃⌥4
  • control-shift-option-command-right arrow ⌃⇧⌥⌘→

Overriding Common Hotkeys

There is currently no mechanism that prevents a user from overriding common hotkeys such as Copy ⌘C. Any hotkeys set in Summon will override system-wide (Copy) or application-specific (Chrome's New Tab) hotkeys.

Unhappy with this? Me too! Feel free to raise a PR 😉


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