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Winner of Best Healthcare Hack at DeltaHacks IV. Platform for surgeons to perform remote surgery over the internet by controlling a robotic hand with gestures.
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Surgeon's Helping Hand - Leap Motion
Surgeon's Helping Hand - Web Interface


Surgeon's Helping Hand uses hand recognition to remotely control a robot hand over the internet. This allows surgeons to remotely perform surgeries in places such as third world countries, where there is a limited amount of doctors for a large amount of people.

Surgeon's Helping Hand consists of three components. The first is a Leap Motion which records the hand motion and movements of the surgeon in real time, and sends that data to the remote hand, which mimics the surgeon's gestures. The second part is a web interface that allows the surgeon to enter in the degree at which they wish to move each individual finger, which allows for much more precise procedures. The third part is a facial recognition software that allows the surgeon to position the view of the surgery.

Sample Movements Video:

Run Instructions:

Download repo leapjs at
Download Leap Motion SDK from (Orion Beta)
Run Sample2.0.html for data display

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