Creates cool graphs of Facebook Messaging data!
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Facebook Messenger Data Grapher

Use 64 bit Python or it will not work!!!!!! <----- Important read this!


  • Python 3 64 bit
  • Pandas
  • Matplotlib
  • BeautifulSoup4

How To

  1. Install all the dependencies
  2. Download/clone this repository
  3. On Facebook, go to Settings then select "Download a copy of your Facebook data"
  4. Once you have that, find the messages folder inside the archive and copy that folder into your clone of this repository
    • This folder should keep the same name (messages) and be placed at the top level of the repo
  5. Edit and add your information
  6. Run python
  7. Run python
  8. Graphs will be generated and saved in the graphs folder


Here are a few examples of the type of graphs generated:

graph one graph two graph three graph four

Want to contribute? Here's some features to consider

  • Additional parameters: who messaged first, average reply time.
  • More permutations of existing parameters (sent/received, sex, date, number of messages, and number of people)