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Too busy and important to worry about trivialities such as clothing? Don't want to go the black turtleneck & jeans path? Introducing WhatToWear!


WhatToWear will recommend you outfits to wear based on what clothes you have available, the weather, and customized tags.

WhatToWear does not come up with the outfits—-you do, and enter them into the database once. From there, WhatToWear keeps track of your clothing inventory. You can specify how many times you are willing to rewear a piece, and after you have worn it that many times, WhatToWear will stop recommending outfits that use that piece (until you tell the app you have done your laundry).


Wow what a useful app! How do I use WhatToWear?

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Run npm install
  3. In the clothes directory, edit inventory.json and outfits.json with your info. You can use generate_outfits.js to help you out, or come up with your own script.
  4. Run npm start to run on simulator
  5. Install Expo via npm install expo-cli --global
  6. Run expo publish. You may have to create an account/login.
  7. Download the Expo app on your phone
  8. Once you login on your phone you should see whattowear

Alternatively to these instructions, you can run npm eject after step 3, open the project up in Xcode, and proceed from there. I do not know how that works.


A React-native app that tells you what to wear every day



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