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2012-01-31 NTP und Stratum 0
2012-03-25 bckspctakeoff: Present Your Local Hackerspace – Stratum 0
2012-08-06 Stratum0 Open-Close-Monitor Statusbericht
2012-10-14 Opaque Pointer Idiom
2012-11-24 BarCamp Braunschweig: Selbst 3D drucken
2012-12-14 Implicit Sharing
2013-03-15 Teensy Tiny ELF Programs
2013-06-01 SpaceAPI @ 67ac80f
2015-05-15 DBus
2016-01-14 Variable Length Encoding
2012-05-29 OpenStreetMap.txt
2016-10-14 Semantic Markdown with the M4 macro processor.markdown
2016-12 33C3 M4 Macro Processor.markdown
2016-12 33C3 M4 Macro Processor.pdf