Get 'Chuck Norris' jokes via SMS
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  • Like 'Chuck Norris' jokes?
  • Would you like Heroku to serve you a new joke everyday?
  • Want to experiment with Twilio?


  • You'll have to setup a trial account on Twilio, more details.
  • Once you log into your account, you'll be able to retrieve ACCOUNT_SID and AUTH_TOKEN. Paste these values in place of <ACCNT_SID> and <AUTH_TOK> in source code (as strings).
  • Also, through this account, you'll have to issue a Free Trial Number, and register the number to which you want your jokes to be sent to. You'll have to add YOUR_NUMBER (replace <NUM1>) - the number you want the SMS to be sent to, and TWILIO_REGISTERED_NUM (replace <NUM2>) in source code (as strings).
  • The current setup SMSs jokes at 0700 hours, everyday. Should you want to change that, you can do so by changing the hour variable's value (line 33) from 7 to an integer between 0-23, inclusive.
  • Deploy!
  • If haven't deployed on Heroku before.
  • For setting time-zone.