Prarupa is plugin for Rails 3 that provides the 'textilize', 'textilize_without_paragraph' and 'markdown' helpers.
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Please note that this is neither the official nor the best plugin available for this task. David Trasbo's formatize was the awesome one. I have in fact used it as a reference while making prarupa and hence the two codebases are very very similar. I posted on RubyFlow before David and therefore got more watchers and press. So this message is just to set things clear, and hopefully all watchers of this project will start watching & report issues to Formatize. Note that I will continue to maintain prarupa.

Prarupa is plugin for Rails 3 that provides the textilize, textilize_without_paragraph and markdown helpers. These were extracted from Rails and have been modified slightly. Instead of using BlueCloth for markdown, Prarupa uses RDiscount which is supposed to be faster and better maintained. Other minor internal tweaks have been made.


You can either install Prarupa as a gem or plugin. Installing as a gem is the preferred choice.

Install as a gem

Simply add prarupa to the Gemfile. Also add RedCloth for textilize & textilize_without_paragraph and/or add rdiscount for markdown. Now just bundle install and you should be good to go. Note that installing prarupa will also install rdiscount and markdown as dependencies.

Install as a plugin

To install as a plugin simply do rails plugin install git://


In your views you can do the following.

The textilize and textilize_without_paragraph helpers

The textilize helper accepts a string of Textile and optionally one or more options.

Without any options:

textilize("This is *how* we _textilize_ in Rails!")
# => "<p>This is <strong>how</strong> we <em>textilize</em> in Rails!</p>"

With options:

textilize("This is *how* we <em>textilize</em> in Rails!", :filter_html)
# => "<p>This is <strong>how</strong> we &lt;em&gt;textilize&lt;/em&gt; in Rails!</p>"

Note that you can provide multiple options like textilize("text", :filter_html, :lite_mode)

The textilize_without_paragraph is similar to textilize, except that the surrounding <p> and </p> tags are removed. It accepts options just like textilize

textilize_without_paragraph("This is *how* we _textilize_ in Rails!")
# => "This is <strong>how</strong> we <em>textilize</em> in Rails!"

The markdown helper

The markdown helper accepts a string of Markdown and optionally one or more options.

Without any options:

markdown("This is *how* we **markdown** in Rails!")
# => "<p>This is <em>how</em> we <strong>markdown</strong> in Rails!</p>" 

With options:

markdown("Greedy urls are here!", :autolink)
# => "<p>Greedy urls are here! <a href=\"\"></a></p>"

To be :safe

Being Rails text helpers, all three methods accept the :safe option that tells the helpers that the input text need not be escaped.


David Trasbo for making the awesome (official?) plugin formatize which extracts the helpers without any modification. I liberally used his gem as reference.


  • Tidy up the rdocs

Copyright (c) 2010 Rohit Arondekar, released under the MIT license